Long Shadows Legal Disclaimer

Please read the following instructions, rules, and legal disclaimer before registering for any events held on Long Shadows Equestrian Estate.

I, [name], the Participant/auditor acknowledges that all equestrian events have significant risk and danger, which I as a participant accept entirely on my own.

Mounted Archery Participants may not bring unsupervised children with them, as children may not be left unsupervised at the event. Auditors may bring children with them they intend to supervise.

Clinic hours are 10am-2pm. Mounted Archery Participants are to arrive after 8:00 am and no later than 9:30am to:

Long Shadows Equestrian Estate
84 Dr. Brown Lane
Cambridge NY, 12816

Auditors may arrive at any time until 2 pm.

Parents/Legal Guardians: When you register, please be sure to check this box. check

Long Shadows Equestrian Estate is a private residence. All attendees must remain in
designated areas during clinic hours. Lavatory facilities are available on site. All participants are required to clean up after themselves.

Mounted Archer Participants must be registered no later than June 5th, 2017.

All Mounted Archery Participants are advised to pay upon registration to secure their spot in the clinic. Please make checks payable and mailed to:

Long Shadows Equestrian Estate LLC
84 Dr. Brown Lane
Cambridge NY, 12816

To pay by card or PayPal please contact:
Tabitha Morgan
(518) 796-4177