Welcome to the official Web site of Long Shadows and Long Shadows Charitable Foundation (LSCF) located on Long Shadows Equestrian Estate and Long Shadows Farm in Cambridge, NY.

Long Shadows Charitable Foundation (LFCS) is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating equines who have been abandoned, abused, neglected or are no longer wanted or cared for by their owners. 

In July 2017, congress passed an amendment stopping the barbaric horse slaughter plants from reopening in America. Now they’re working on ‘the SAFE Act’ to ban any horse slaughter for human consumption in America and the export of live U.S. horses to Canada or Mexico. In  New York, Long Shadows Charitable Foundation (LSCF) has courageously played a role in rescuing horses straight from an auction house in New Jersey that auctions off horses to ‘kill-buyers’ for slaughter.

Long Shadows provides a safe, healthy, and trusting environment for horses to heal their physical and emotional health. Through gentle, natural care and re-training, horses will be given a purposeful life, like becoming an equine partner in equine-assisted coaching programs.

The power of horses to heal people is well-documented through research and programs that continue to inspire, motivate, challenge, and heal individuals, families, teens and veterans here at Long Shadows.

There’s a rising epidemic of unwanted horses in this country and Long Shadows is actively tending to this crisis.  We are honored to do what we do for these horses, and would love to see more people involved. ~ Arlene Lotters, Co-founder & Equine Gestalt Coach

Many horses face an uncertain destiny when they are brought into this world: abuse, neglect, abandonment, and slaughter are all very real and common risks equines face in today’s society.  We strive to reduce these risks by taking action, by rescuing, and offering an environment structured to responsibly meeting these challenges.

Long Shadows  is located out of the beautifully peaceful Long Shadows Equestrian Estate and Long Shadows Farm in Cambridge, NY. Long Shadows is a stunning equestrian estate on 165 acres, equipped with an indoor arena, outdoor arena, horse barn, 5 miles of groomed trails, and grass pastures. Truly “A Paradise and Safe Haven for Horses” – and you can help us keep our doors open to any horse in need! Won’t you please consider donating today?

To make a financial donation online please visit: Donate Now!

To make a financial donation through the mail, please make checks payable to (and kindly mail to):
Long Shadows 
P.O. Box 161
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-0161

Questions? Or to schedule a time to visit Long Shadows please call 518-928-6161 or email us at info@LongShadowsHorses.org! We’re always thankful to make new friends!

We also offer Long Shadows Riding Academy through Morgan Horsemanship and we host Upstate NY equine (and non equine) events at Long Shadows Equestrian Estate to help offset the enormous cost of caring for these beautiful horses.  

Would you like to host an event at Long Shadows? Tell us your needs and we’ll help you plan it!