Horse Rescue

HORSE RESCUE: Step 1 of our 3 Step-Process
This is the official foundation page for Long Shadows:
Introducing Long Shadows Charitable Foundation (LSCF)

This is where we feature our work at the foundation in rescuing horses from slaughter, abuse, neglect and being surrendered or retired from racing. 


Tragically, a reality some horses face, is ending up at auction, at no fault of their own.  Some horses get auctioned to good homes, while others find themselves in the hands of kill buyers, people with the profession of buying horses at auction then selling their flesh to slaughterhouses.  An estimated 100,000 American horses get sent to slaughter each year. LSCF helps reduce this number by intervening and getting them to safety. After a decompression period and rehabilitation, these horses are then placed into a training regiment to prepare them for suitable loving homes.

Owner Surrendered

At LSCF, we understand that things happen beyond our control in life. LCSF accepts owner surrender horses on a case-by-case basis. 

Surrendered horses will be given a decompression period, health evaluation, training if necessary, and then possibly ready them for adoption to a forever home.


Most horses that come to Long Shadows, based on their health, behavior, or a combination of special circumstances will be given a forever home right here with LSCF at Long Shadows Farm in Cambridge, NY.

Medical Collaboration

An expert team of equine professionals and veterinarians are on-call 24/7 for LSCF to bring every horse back to healthy, stable condition. Horses receive the very best veterinarian care, dental care, regular routine farrier visits, bathing and grooming, along with love and affection from each and every staff member.

It’s not just about healing physical traumas, but strengthening the equine spirit!

Through gentle, natural care and re-training, some horses will be adopted into new, caring homes. Some horses will be an equine partner in equine-assisted coaching programs here at LONG SHADOWS CHARITABLE FOUNDATION.


An estimated 2/3 of thoroughbreds coming off the track are either euthanized, abandoned, or slaughtered. LSCF aims to help reduce this number by offering aftercare services to those horses exiting their racing career, and help them go on to live peaceful, fulfilling lives. 

Racing thoroughbreds that come into the rescue are allowed to decompress; overall health is addressed, and when they are ready, they are placed into a training program to help them live purposeful based on their individual skills and talents.

LSCF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity.  Donations are the lifeblood of our commitment to saving these horses and 100% of all proceeds go to the care, management, and training of the horses; and all donations are tax deductible.  Donations can include anything from a financial contribution to donated items such as horse blankets and tack related equipment.

Would you please consider helping us SAVE THE LIVES of precious horses?

Questions? Volunteer Opportunities? Or perhaps you’d like to visit Long Shadows? Please call 518-928-6161 or email us at We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to these beautiful gentle giants!