REHABILITATION: Step 2 of our 3 Step-Process
This is where our medical team and staff ‘spring into action’!

Like people, each horse has their own individual medical history and potentially life-threatening issues. Our medical experts work hard in determining each horses’ immediate needs as well as develop a medical plan-of-action. It could take weeks, even months before a horse is returned to health. In the meantime Long Shadows Charitable Foundation works with an expert team of equine professionals and veterinarians who are on-call 24/7 for LSCF in bringing every horse back to a healthy, stable condition. Horses receive the very best veterinarian care, dental care, regular routine farrier visits, bathing and grooming, along with love and affection from each and every staff member.

Once a horse is well on the road to recovery we assess and re-train the physically capable horse through “positive” training methods. No loud voices are used. No whips. No bucking. Just gentle words, motions and possible exposure to other horses.

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The horses at Long Shadows arrive here with very sad stories … here are just a few:

The horses at Long Shadows Charitable Foundation, collectively, tell their stories the best:

“We have served as a State Police horse; we have pulled your fancy carts in competitions; we have trained and raced hard for your entertainment; we have raced around barrels to your delight; we have jumped high fences as you wished. When we could no longer provide crowd control in crowded cities or pull your carts or run your races or circle your barrels or jump your fences or bear your expensive babies, we were cast aside.

When we no longer fit your lifestyle, we were cast aside. When we aged and required more veterinarian care than you wanted to spend, we were cast aside. Some of us ended up in deplorable conditions and some of us ended at auctions where we faced the possibility of ending up in the hands of “kill buyers,” people with the profession of buying horses at auction then selling their flesh to slaughterhouses.”

“The owners and professional and caring staff of Long Shadows came to our rescue. They fed us with good hay and grain and special supplements for our needs. Their on-call veterinarians examined us and brought us back to health. Our teeth were examined and repaired. Our hooves were trimmed and those of us that needed shoes have new shoes and new feet. We are groomed and once again have shiny, beautiful coats. We are retrained with soft hands and soft hearts. We are gently exercised to build up our muscles once again. We have stalls and outdoor shelter and we have large pastures with green grass. We have herd-mates who watch out for us. We have humans that listen to our needs. When we are ready to move on to a new home, we are matched with the perfect new owner. Our previous owners never send us to a new home without continuous follow-up visits to make sure we are healthy, cared for and happy in our new careers. Some of us will remain at Long Shadows as a ‘forever home.’”

“Our care and daily nutritional needs are not inexpensive. Although we are part of a Public Charity, the financial needs are always a reality. Whatever amount of financial support can come our way is utilized exclusively for our care and daily needs. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for whatever support you can provide. THANK YOU!” The Horses of Long Shadows.

Questions? Or to schedule a time to visit Long Shadows please call 518-928-6161 or email us at! We’re always thankful to make new friends!

We also offer Long Shadows Riding Academy through Morgan Horsemanship and we host Upstate NY equine (and non equine) events at Long Shadows Equestrian Estate to help offset the enormous cost of caring for these beautiful horses.  

Would you like to host an event at Long Shadows? Tell us your needs and we’ll help you plan it!