Equine Gestalt Coaching with Arlene Lotters

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This is where horses are introduced to Gestalt Coaching techniques to potentially become equine assisted partners in helping people through depression, anxiety or other personality disorders.

Long Shadows has beautiful and loving horses who are ready to share their hearts with you. Do you want to get to know them and to learn about the healing power of horses to help people in their own personal growth?

Long Shadows

As an owner of Long Shadows, I will guide you in your search for a lifetime equine partner. In addition to being an EGCM® certified practitioner (www.egcmethod.com) with two years of intensive training, I have specialized training in Equusology. The sole focus of Equusology is to understand and respect the preferences of each individual horse in order to make the best matches with potential human partners.

The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®

The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® was developed by Melisa Pearce, a core founder since 1989, of the horse-human healing movement. The experiential nature of the involves the horse as an active partner with the coach in the client’s exploratory process. The integrative approach of the equine’s interaction combined with positive coaching, somatic awareness, guidance and Gestalt methodology, assist the client in examining their life and choices made with a focus on designing a positive future.

The intensive two year Certification in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method empowered me with a healing modality that honors horses for their contributions in the process of supporting human healing and wholeness. In partnership with my horses, I will guide you and support your process for making decisions from the inside out instead of from the outside in.

Horses can assist us on our own personal journey and teach us how to reach deep within our hearts and souls. Long Shadows Farm exists to provide peacefulness and experiences of joy through the expression of horses.

Arlene Lotters, Co-founder of Long Shadows

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